Fitment guide (AUDI)


Recommened Audi Fitment, all based on OEM brake system. For aftermarket brake kit, please email us the brake templete to ensure proper clearance.

All spec are guarenteed fitment without any modification. Direct Bolt on without spacer or hub ring. 


Q4 E-Tron

  • 20x8.5 ET30 255/45/20 Square
  • 21x9 ET35 255/40/21 Square

B8 B9 A4 S4 Stock Brake

  • 19x9.5 ET40 255/35/19 Square

B8 B9 A5 S5

  • 20x10.5 ET28 275/30/20 Square 

B8 RS5

  • F 20x1 ET30 275/30/20 20x10.5 ET30 275/30/19

GEN 2 R8

  • F 20x9 ET30 245/30/20 20x11 ET30 305/30/20

GEN 1 R8 

  • F 20x9 ET35 245/30/20 20x12 ET45 325/25/20